West Shore Fire

West Shore Fire

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When it comes to your firefighting needs, including fire truck and apparatus repair, there is one name that should come to mind…

West Shore Fire, Inc.
Your one-stop firefighting headquarters!

For over 35 years, West Shore Fire has provided quality products and services to help firefighters be prepared to work in one of the toughest fields around. Our experienced West Shore Fire sales and service teams offer the best products, tools and service on the market.

How can we help you? Call West Shore Fire TODAY, toll free, 1-800-632-6184!


West Shore Fire: Firefighter Head quarters!


Just like a rifle is to a sniper,  quality products and service are what West Shore Fire can give you. For 35 years we have been helping men and women be prepared in the toughest field. Our experienced team promises to offer the best products on the market.



West Shore Fire